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Ready, 5-6-7-8...

21/03/2015 10:05

Ready 5-6-7-8: Ready To Dance This Coming Summer?... Dance!

09/03/2015 18:24

More Enjoyable Dances for U?!

Ready 5-6-7-8: More of those enjoyable Dances...&n
18/02/2015 17:57

Ready 5-6-7-8: Ready For Spring Time... Dancing!

Ready to dance this Spring? More of the best from the linedancing world this...
26/01/2015 21:41

Ready 5-6-7-8: The Dances You Should Not Missed... in 2015

Ready 5-6-7-8: The Dances You Should Not Miss


28/01/2015 16:43


Congratulations to all winners of the 19th Crystal Boot Awards held in Blackpool this January. The...
20/12/2014 13:23

Welcome 2015, Goodbye 2014...

Time flies, 2014 is coming to an end and it's time for Xmas & New Year celebrations. What is...
22/09/2014 09:06

It's Apple Again! ...Read on (Line dance & Apple 6?)

This September, Apple rocks the world with its new and hugely popular Apple 6 and Apple 6 plus...
19/08/2014 10:57

World Dance Masters 2014 - England

Results of the Choreography Competition in...
10/04/2014 00:58

Line Dance Showdown - Results of the choreography competition

Well, Line Dance Showdown 2014 (Apr 3-6, 2014) was succesfully concluded with a bang, as always, in...
09/04/2014 22:59

Do You Know - the World longest Running Line Dance Event?

[Correction to original article dated 25 March) Hey, do you know which line dance event is the...

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Most Popular Dances

02/03/2015 11:22

Top 50 Line Dances in February 2015 - Any changes at the top!

Rock & Roll King topped the chart this&nb
11/02/2015 10:57

Top 50 Line Dances in January 2015 - Which of Your Favorites Top the Chart?

And The Top Dances in January go to... For the 1st Top 50 chart of the year...
11/01/2015 23:54

Most Popular Line Dances in 2014 - Congratulations to All the Winners!

Results of the Most Popular Line Dance of&nbs
04/01/2015 11:39

Top 50 Line Dances in December 2014 - Which is your favourite dances?

In December, there were changes at the top&nb
03/12/2014 07:36

Top 50 Line Dances in November 2014 - Changes at the top?

There were strong competition at the apex of&

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Small Talk

18/03/2015 09:56

Award Winning & Popular UK Choreographer, Instructor & Dancer... Read on!

Kate Sala is a well-deserved popular dancer, 
31/01/2015 22:04

Who Believes Dance is Food to Our Soul?

Amy Christian is a successful dancer, instructor,&
02/12/2014 13:19

Who Aspires to be The Best Dance Choreographer?

This feature is all about the talented and&nb
21/09/2014 23:31

International dance choreographer, discerning judge and knowledgeable instructor of our time...

Scott Blevins is known internationally as an 
26/06/2014 22:52

From Canada, Vivienne Scott... Read On!

Do you know Vivienne Scott, the energetic, in


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