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Ready, 5-6-7-8...

24/04/2014 15:28

Ready 5-6-7-8: Just too many dances this Spring, we probably have to...What are you waiting for? Dance!(25/4)

This Spring, there's just too many nice dances and we probably have to miss 1 or 2 out for next...
17/04/2014 00:27

17 April 2014 - We've more dances to share, not just Eurovision Dance 2014!

5-6-7-8: Maggie Gallagher started off the 1st dance with Celtic Heartbeat - you'll love it for...
09/04/2014 14:26

9 April 2014 - 5-6-7-8: April Dance Review with U!

Cha Cha Burn will definitely rock your soul and kick&nb
25/03/2014 14:45

This Week We Do Rock n Roll, Country Rock, Slow Waltz, Pop Cha & other popular dances for U!

5-6-7-8: We kick off with 'Mona Lisa' - dance n rock to the beats of country favorite, Brad Paisley...
15/03/2014 00:17

5-6-7-8: The Best Dance Review Ever - Cha Cha, Country, Latin, Funky, Slow, etc... Just Dance and music, cool!

We do anything for you - cool, slow, country, cha 


10/04/2014 00:58

Line Dance Showdown - Results of the choreography competition

Well, Line Dance Showdown 2014 (Apr 3-6, 2014) was succesfully concluded with a bang, as always, in Boston.   For such a great event, one really can't leave out the overall schedule, just to...
09/04/2014 22:59

Do You Know - the World longest Running Line Dance Event?

[Correction to original article dated 25 March) Hey, do you know which line dance event is the longest running in the world? We are told that Tim Gillis Spring Dance...
02/03/2014 11:26

Ira Weisburd's World Tour - Is he coming to town?

Ira Weisburd - renowned choreographer and instructor may be coming to a town near you. The world tour announced so far includes the following 4 WORKSHOP TOURS Tour 1:  Florida Workshop Tour...
08/01/2014 13:22

2013 Annual Awards - Most Popular Line Dances of the Year

Congratulations to all the winners of the 50 Most Popular Line Dances in 2013! Rhythm Of The Night - Most
25/11/2013 22:55

7th Annual Dancers' Choice Awards - Results

7th ANNUAL DANCERS' CHOICE AWARDS - RESULTS: Congratulations to all the winners and nominees of the Dancers’Choice Award
17/11/2013 11:40

Jennifer Choo on a roll...read on

Jennifer Choo, the versatile lady from Malaysia who is well known in the linedancing scene stormed the line dance chart in Singapore with 2 of her great line dance hits: Private Affair and Thousands...
10/11/2013 11:28

Falling In Love Again, anyone?...read on

Jane Ng, a veteran in the linedancing scene in Singapore has recently chunked out her best choreography to date with 'I Just Fall In Love With You' - a simple and smooth flowing NC2 accompanied by...
15/07/2013 00:06

The Star Spectacular Hoe Down on 22 Jun'13 - Charitable and lovely Yu Puay did it again!

Charitable and Pretty Yu Puay did it again; her unique way of contributing to linedancing and the society - The Star Spectacular Hoe Down on 22 Jun'13. Read on... STAR SPECTACULAR FUND-RAISING HOE...

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Most Popular Dances

06/04/2014 10:33

Top 50 Dances In March 2014 - It's New York 2 LA followed closely by...

Most Popular Line...
03/03/2014 22:33

Top 50 Line Dances In February 2014 - Which of your favorites lead the pack?

Top 50 Dances In February 2014 Is it still Aguardiente 
03/02/2014 22:39

Top 50 Popular Line Dances in Jan 2014

Top 50 Dances In January 2014 It’s Aguardiente (Firewater) t
04/01/2014 01:00

Top 50 Dances in December 2013

Top 50 Line...
04/12/2013 12:40

Top 50 Line Dances for Month of November 2013 - Thousands Of Songs again?

Top 50 Dances In November 2013 After coming strongly at 
12/11/2013 10:50

Top 50 Dances In October 2013 - Wow Tokyo again?

  Wow Tokyo topped the table for the 3rd consecutive&nb

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Small Talk

07/04/2014 22:18

Patricia Stott - Line Dance Teacher & Choreographer from the U.K...Read on

Patricia Stott has been a dance teacher for&n
01/12/2013 00:47

Introducing Wil Bos - International Dance Instructor, Choreographer & Party DJ...

Introducing Wil Bos (Left in picture), the international dance instructor,...
05/10/2013 11:54

Roy Verdonk - Probably One Of the Best from The Netherlands

Probably, one of the best linedancing profesional&
04/06/2013 18:42

Featuring: Irene Tang, Line Dance Instructor & Choreographer from Hong Kong

  Irene Tang, Line Dance Instructor and choreographer in Hong Kong,...
01/12/2012 14:32

Featuring Niels Poulsen...Denmark's Share of The Linedancing World

Niels Poulsen loves dancing and this is evident in one of his speech: ‘I…...
10/04/2012 00:16

Featuring: Yeo Yu Puay - versatile and energetic lady from Kuching, Malaysia

Yeo Yu Puay is one of the co-founders of Karar Line Dancing in Kuching,...
30/01/2012 18:17

Featuring: Ira Weisburd...

Ira Weisburd is an award winning, internationally recognized choreographer....
29/01/2012 19:50

Good Day, Mate - What's happening in Down Under?

This January, Australia announced its 2011 Line Dance Awards. The awards...


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