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19/08/2011 14:51

Dance like a Freak (Jul11)

Dance Like a Freak Count: 64 Wall: 3 Level: Intermediate Choreographer: Joyce Plaskett (UK) July 2011 Music: “Dance Like A freak”, by Mo (BPM 120), (single 2.38) Note: 3 wall dance(6 o’clock wall not danced) (16 count intro’) S 1) Left Cross Side, Left Sailor Step, Right Cross...
15/08/2014 17:46

Dance like We're on Fire

Dance Like We’re On Fire  Count: 48  Wall: 4 ...
01/04/2012 23:19

Dance With Me Baby

Dance With Me Baby Count: 32              Wall: 4                   Level: Absolute Beginner Choreographer: Kirsthen Hansen, Denmark (23 Feb...
09/02/2012 23:31

Dance With Me Tonight

Dance With Me Tonight Count: 64   Wall: 4   Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Peter & Alison, TheDanceFactoryUK, (Oct 2011) Music: Dance With Me Tonight – Olly Murs ** Celebrating 20 Years of Dance ** Start on verse...
15/09/2014 17:44

Dance With Me Tonight

Dance with Me Tonight  Count: 64  Wall: 4 ...
12/01/2015 14:33

Dancefloor Freaks

Dancefloor Freaks    Count: 64  Wall: 4 ...
05/03/2012 18:24

Dancing Heart

Dancing Heart Count: 32              Wall: 2                   Level: Beginner / Improver - Samba rhythm Choreographer: Ira Weisburd (USA) Feb...
22/02/2011 14:14

Dancing in Circles (Feb'11)

  Dancing In Circles Count: 72 Wall: 2 Level: Intermediate Choreographer: Rachael McEnaney (UK) Feb 2011 Music: Dancing In Circles by Love and Theft Count In: 24 counts from start of track – dance begins on vocals. (lots of holds as it’s fast waltz)   [1 – 12] Side R, drag L, Side L, drag...
07/06/2012 17:50

Dancing on the Ceiling

Dancing on the Ceiling Count: 64              Wall: 2                   Level: Intermediate Choreographer: Craig Bennett (Eng) March...
16/02/2011 16:10

Dancing Tonight (Feb11)

  Dancing Tonight Choreographed by: Robbie McGowan Hickie, UK (Feb 11) Music: ...


20/12/2014 13:23

Welcome 2015, Goodbye 2014...

Time flies, 2014 is coming to an end and it's time for Xmas & New Year celebrations. What is our aspiration in 2015 and what do you want to achieve in the new year?  Before we zoom into the details, let's look back and ponder... Well. thank you, each and every one of you who have supported...
22/09/2014 09:06

It's Apple Again! ...Read on (Line dance & Apple 6?)

This September, Apple rocks the world with its new and hugely popular Apple 6 and Apple 6 plus smartphone. You probably know by now they sold 10 million sets within a few days. In this article, we are not talking about this Apple, but another Little Apple from the East. The hit song, Little Apple...
19/08/2014 10:57

World Dance Masters 2014 - England

Results of the Choreography Competition in...
10/04/2014 00:58

Line Dance Showdown - Results of the choreography competition

Well, Line Dance Showdown 2014 (Apr 3-6, 2014) was succesfully concluded with a bang, as always, in Boston.   For such a great event, one really can't leave out the overall schedule, just to know why the event is so successful, year after year - Here is the...
09/04/2014 22:59

Do You Know - the World longest Running Line Dance Event?

[Correction to original article dated 25 March) Hey, do you know which line dance event is the longest running in the world? We are told that Tim Gillis Spring Dance Weekend held at Ellenville NY - Honors Haven Resort & Spa from April 24 - 27,...
02/03/2014 11:26

Ira Weisburd's World Tour - Is he coming to town?

Ira Weisburd - renowned choreographer and instructor may be coming to a town near you. The world tour announced so far includes the following 4 WORKSHOP TOURS Tour 1:  Florida Workshop Tour (Feb-March) Tour 2:  Eurotour (May thru June)  Tour 3:  Southeast Asia...
08/01/2014 13:22

2013 Annual Awards - Most Popular Line Dances of the Year

Congratulations to all the winners of the 50 Most Popular Line Dances in 2013! Rhythm Of The Night - Most popular line dance in 2013 - beat both Wow Tokyo&
25/11/2013 22:55

7th Annual Dancers' Choice Awards - Results

7th ANNUAL DANCERS' CHOICE AWARDS - RESULTS: Congratulations to all the winners and nominees of the Dancers’Choice Awards: Male Instructor of The Year      ...
17/11/2013 11:40

Jennifer Choo on a roll...read on

Jennifer Choo, the versatile lady from Malaysia who is well known in the linedancing scene stormed the line dance chart in Singapore with 2 of her great line dance hits: Private Affair and Thousands of Songs. Private Affair started off quietly at No 24 in July and then shot to the Top 3 in August...
10/11/2013 11:28

Falling In Love Again, anyone?...read on

Jane Ng, a veteran in the linedancing scene in Singapore has recently chunked out her best choreography to date with 'I Just Fall In Love With You' - a simple and smooth flowing NC2 accompanied by the evergreen music: I JUst Fall In LOve Again by Anne Murray (as the 2nd alternative music) For...

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Small Talk

27/04/2009 12:09

How To Line Dance? Read Step Sheets- Make Simple Part II

  Following our article on how to read step sheets, we decided to go one step further to share the basic line dance terminology here. As this will be lengthy, the article is broken into two parts with the first one here.  Basic Line Dance Terminology Most...
05/04/2009 23:28

Learn To Dance or Line Dance: Read Step Sheet - Make Simple

  The first step to learn how to read a step sheet: Learn the terminology and the step description! Terms A basic is one repetition of the main dance from the first count to the last not including any tags or bridges. In competition if this is danced "as written" with no variations, it is...