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Come Back My Love

Dance video>>> Come Back My Love by Juliet Lam

Come Dance With Me (Jan 07)


Come Rain, Come Shine (Dec'10)

Click for Francien Sittrop - Come Rain, Come Shine

Concrete Angel (Mar12)

Demo Video >>> Concrete Angel – Dee Musk Intermediate Dance Mar12 -  (Regina Demo Video)

Conquering America (Dec'10)

Refe Andersen: Conquering America >>> video

Consider Me Gone

Shaz Walton & Diddy - Dave Morgan: Consider Me Gone >>>video

Cooler Than Me (Dec'10)

Video>>> Cooler Than Me by Jean-Pierre Madge


Dance video >>> Corazon by Jesse Garcia (Vegas Dance Xplosion 2011 Choreography Winner - Beginner Category)

Corazon Espinado (Jun 06)


Country Girl Shake (Apr'11)

Dance video>>> Country Girl Shake by Michelle Adlam & Maria Hennings Hunt

Country Whirled

Dance video >> Country Whirled by Ira Weisburd

Crazy Foot Mambo (Jan 08)


Crazy Girl (Aug11)

Dance video>>> Crazy Girl by Dee Musk

Criminal (Oct11)

Demo video>>> Criminal (Oct11) Intermediate - Cato Larsen

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