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Dr Wanna Do (Mar'11)

Video: Dr Wanna Do from Maggie Gallagher

Dream Big (Aug 09)


Drinkin' Wine

Dance video >>> Drinkin' Wine (Windy City 2011 Pro Winner) by Frank Trace,

Drive by

Demo video>>> Drive by from Daniel Whittaker (UK)

Easily Hooked (Oct10)

>>>Easily Hooked

East L A (May'11)

Video>>> East L A by Kate Sala

Easy Boogie (Feb11)

Video: Easy Boogie by Rudy Rodgers >>>

Edge of my Life (Mar11)

Video: Edge of my life by Ira Weisburg

Electric (Feb11)

Video: Electric by Tajali Hall 

Euro Mess (Oct10)

Video>>> Euro Mess! by Jo Kinser, Daniel Trepat & Niels Poulsen

Evergreen (Dec 03)

 Video     Walk-Thru Video

Evergreen Waltz (05)


Every Night and Day (Sep11)

ance video>>> Every Night and Day by Ross Brown

Everybody's Girl (May 11)

Video >>> Everybody's Girl by Dee Musk

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