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Dance video >> SHAKE by Guyton Mundy 

Shake Them Around Me

Dance video >>>> Shake Them Around Me by Sebastiaan Holtland

Shamrock Soup (Oct 08)


Sharon's Prayer (Apr'12)

Demo Video >>>> Sharon's Prayer by Rep Ghazali-Meaney, Scotland (April 2012) 64 count 2 wall Intermediate Line Dance

She Walkin On Me (Jan11)

Sebastiaan Holtland, NL: She Walkin On Me >>>video

She's A Mess (Jan10)

She's A Mess Dance Video

Shiv-A-Ree (Mar04)

Video: Shiv-A-Ree by Maggie Gallagher

Shot A Bullet Thru' My Heart (Oct'10)

Click For Video: Shot A Bullet Thru' My Heart

Show Me the Love (Jun'11)

Dance video>>> Show me the love by Simon Ward

Show Me Your Teeth - Dec 11

Demo video>>> Show Me Your Teeth Dec11 Intermediate Dance by : Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos Music : Lady Ga Ga - Show Me Your Teeth

Shy Boy (Apr11)

Video: Shy Boy by Kay Jeong - Walk Thru / Demo

Silvery Moonlight Waltz (Oct10)

Video >>> Silvery Moonlight Waltz by Rep Ghazali

Slingin' Mud (May 11)

Video>>> Slingin' Mud by Guy Mundy & Will Craig

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