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The First Thing (May'10)

Video >>> The First thing by Debbie McLaughlin

The Flute (May'11)

video>> The Flute by Maggie Gallagher

The Goose Drank Wine (Dec10)

Rafe Andersen: The Goose Drank Wine >>>Video

The Rush

Dance video>>> The Rush by Peter & Alison

The Same Star (Jan'12)

Video >>>>> The Same Star by Robbie McGowan Hickie (Eng) Jan 2012 Music: The Same Star by Ruslana. CD Wild Dances. (124 bpm) 64 count 4 wall Intermediate Dance

The Same Thing (May'11)

Video: The Same Thing by Tajali Hall

The Stomp

Dance video>>> The Stomp by Robbie McGowan Hickie

The Thrill Is Gone

Dance video>>> The Thrill Is Gone by Jo & John Kinser, and Mark Furnell

The Wanderer

Dance video>>> The Wanderer by Michelle Risley

There She Goes

Dance video >>> There She Goes by Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

There's A Reason (May'11)

Video>>> There's A Reason by Marie Sorrensen

This City

Dance video >> This City by Guyton Mundy  

This City (Sep11)

Dance video >>> This City (short version) by Guyton Mundy, Will Craig, Rob Glover and Carey Parsons

This Is A Man's World

Dance video >>> This Is A Man's World by Roy Verdonk

Throw the Dice (Aug11)

Dance video>> Throw the Dice by Joey Warren

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