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09/03/2011 17:14

1 Minute Please (Mar'11)

  1 Minute Please Choreographed by: Juliet Lam, USA (Mar 11) Music: ...
24/11/2010 19:13

1-2-3-4 (Nov'10)

  1-2-3-4 Choreographed by: Niels Poulsen, Denmark (Nov 10) Music: ...
23/12/2011 17:14

16 Tons

16 TONS ~ 2 Walls, 64 Counts, Beginner/Intermediate Line Dance Choreographed by Michael Vera-Lobos (Aus)(Oct 2011) Choreographed to “16 Tons” by Leanne Rimes[CD: Lady & Gentlemen] Intro     : 32 Counts. [00:18]   §1   Out Out, Cross Kick, Out Out,...
08/04/2012 23:22


1929 Count: 32              Wall: 4                   Level: Easy Intermediate Choreographer: Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie...
04/08/2009 14:46

2 of Us

  2 Of Us Choreographed by: Maggie Gallagher (Jun 09) Music: Ben...
17/04/2014 11:49

2-Way Kiss

2-Way Kiss  Count:64 Wall:2 Level:Improver Choreographer:Ria Vos, (April 2014) Music:Kiss You Tonight - David Nail, Album: I’m A Fire Music ‘Slow’: “Kiss You Tonight” David Nail,&n
07/01/2011 12:15

2011 Rabbit Wabbit (Dec'10)

  2011 RABBIT WABBIT Choreographed by: Belle Lee, Malaysia (Dec 10) Music: ...
13/06/2011 23:41


2 Nite Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Intermediate Choreographer: Will Craig Music: Give Me Everything by Pitbull Ft Ne- Yo 32 count Intro Steps Forward Touch Behind X2, Run Backs X2 With Right Touch, Right Foot Out Toe Heel Toe 1,...
01/10/2014 17:19


2xBang  Count: 64  Wall: 4 ...
18/05/2012 00:03

3-2-1 Lets Go

3-2-1 Lets Go   Count: 64              Wall: 4                   Level: Intermediate Choreographer: Kate Sala...


24/11/2010 19:05

Dance With Niels Poulsen This December

Reminder: Don't forget to catch Niels Poulsen live! on 12 Dec and 18 & 19 Dec! More details, read on... Good News, good news! Niels Poulsen, the famous Danish choreographer, dancer and instructor is coming to town before Father X’mas do on X’mas Day. He will be in Singapore on 18-19...
09/11/2010 16:40

Latest From Maurice Rowe - Linedance Titled 'Fohawk'

Right after the annual linedance event in Clearwater, Tampa Bay, Maurice has introduced his latest dance, strangely called "Fohawk" - a funky hairstyle not for the faint-hearted. Maurice has made his mark in the linedance world - a versatile choreographer, dancer and dance instructor in...
09/11/2010 15:20

Are You Ready For Dec'10 Year-end Parties? Dance with Niels Poulsen this Dec'10?

Our kaypok bird goes wild hunting for favorite spots to dance this Xmas and Year-end Countdown. - Among many other parties, there will be happenings in Orchard Road and Singapore Flyer - street dancing for all linedance lovers - more details below. Also, Neils Poulsen is coming to...
26/10/2010 14:56

Where To Dance this Deepavali Holidays?

It's Peter & Eelin on Deepavali, follow by Braddell Ht on Saturday, some of you may want to dance there. There are many parties all over Singapore this long weekend. Starting on eve of Deepavali at Blk 116, Toa Payoh, the list goes on until Serangoon Garden on Sunday by Jane Ng. For more...
16/09/2010 13:23

Welcome & Notice

This website aims to carry on the tradition of selfless sharing of news, events, video, step sheets, and everything about line dancing, as Line Dancing evolves into a unique dance routine of its own identity. We are NOT YIPEE.SG, and we do not pretend to be one. Our motto is to enjoy line...
14/09/2010 13:15

What's New This September

SUBJECT: NEW DANCES  Date: 4 Sep 2010 Do you know roughly how many new line dances are choreographed each day? See answer at end of this page below. More new dances released in Sep 2010 from all over the world:  Beautiful Monster, Peter & Anna Charlie's Shoes, Marilyn Bycroft...
12/04/2010 17:17

Goodbye 2009 Welcome 2010

 How time flies! It was still (Paloma) 2009 when we headed for Orchard Road on Xmas Eve and dancing on the street. Call me crazy if you have to, our motto was ‘Have Fun Go Mad’. We would dance on the floor to the tune of La Canion Del Velero, Cha Cha En...
01/02/2010 12:44


Dance Session at IMM Garden effective 7 Aug 2010 will be conducted on the void space beside Multi-purpose Hall of Yuhua C.C Contact Yuhua CC administrator for more details.  This August, TGIF is organising a National Day Linedance Jam for members and friends, a la Potluck style. Bring...

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Small Talk

27/04/2009 12:09

How To Line Dance? Read Step Sheets- Make Simple Part II

  Following our article on how to read step sheets, we decided to go one step further to share the basic line dance terminology here. As this will be lengthy, the article is broken into two parts with the first one here.  Basic Line Dance Terminology Most...
05/04/2009 23:28

Learn To Dance or Line Dance: Read Step Sheet - Make Simple

  The first step to learn how to read a step sheet: Learn the terminology and the step description! Terms A basic is one repetition of the main dance from the first count to the last not including any tags or bridges. In competition if this is danced "as written" with no variations, it is...