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A Grain Of Sand

05/04/2009 23:19


A Grain Of Sand

Choreographed by:

Ross Brown, UK (Mar 09)


So Small by Carrie Underwood (CD: Carnival Ride (74bpm))


32 count - 2 wall - Advanced level line dance



Intro: 16 Counts (Approx. 13 Secs) 



Basic Nightclub. Touch/Press ¼ Turn, Hitch, Step (With Arms). Sweep ¼ Turn. Cross, Back Step ¼ Turn, Side Step ¼ Turn. Cross, Unwind Full Turn. 


Step right to the right, cross step left behind right, cross step right over left. 


Make a ¼ turn left touching/pressing left toe forward, hitch left knee up, step forward with left. (See end of script for Optional Arms) 


Make a ¼ turn left sweeping right foot around. 


Cross step right over left, make a ¼ turn right stepping back with left, make a ¼ turn right stepping right to the right. 


Cross step left over right, unwind a full turn right and step forward with right. (12 o’clock) 





Forward Rock, Recover. Together, Step, Slide. Step, Pivot ½ Turn, Step. Step, Full Turn Over Two Steps. Step, Pivot ½ Turn With Sweep. 


Rock forward with left, recover onto right. 


Step left next to right, step forward with right, slide left foot forward. 


Step forward with left, pivot a ½ turn right, step forward with left. 


Step forward with right, make a full turn right stepping; back with left, forward with right. 


Step forward with left, pivot a ½ turn right sweeping right around left. (12 o’clock) 





Behind, Side, Forward. {Repeat}. Behind. Triple 1 ¼ Turn. Rock Forward, Recover. 


Cross step right behind left, step left to the left, step forward with right. 


Cross step left behind right, step right to the right, step forward with left. 


Cross step right behind left. 


Make a 1 ¼ turn left stepping; left, right, left. (Travelling towards 9 o’clock


Rock forward with right, recover onto left. 


On Wall 3, restart the dance at this point making a ¼ turn right to face the Front. (9 o’clock) 





Large Diagonal Back Step, Lock, Back. {Repeat}. Step ½ Turn. Mambo ½ Turn. Triple 1 ¼ Turn. 


Step back a large step to right diagonal with right, lock left across right, step back with right. 


Step back a large step to left diagonal with left, lock right across left, step back with left. 


Make a ½ turn right stepping forward with right. 


Rock forward with left, recover onto right, make a ½ turn left stepping forward with left. 


Make a 1 ¼ turn left stepping; right, left, right. (Travelling towards 9 o’clock) Continue From Count 2 (6 o’clock) 



End of Dance. Start again and Enjoy 





Optional Arms For Section 1


Right Arm is behind you and pointing up at about 45 degrees. Left arm is infront and pointing down at about 45 degrees with left thumb and index finger pinched. (Imagine a piece of string tied to your knee) 


Level both arms up with left hand still pinched. (Imagine lifting knee with the piece of string attached) 


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