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16 Tons

23/12/2011 17:14

16 TONS ~ 2 Walls, 64 Counts, Beginner/Intermediate Line Dance

Choreographed by Michael Vera-Lobos (Aus)(Oct 2011)

Choreographed to “16 Tons” by Leanne Rimes[CD: Lady & Gentlemen]

Intro     : 32 Counts. [00:18]


§1   Out Out, Cross Kick, Out Out, R Sailor, Touch Behind, ¾ L, Point Side

&12&3Step R to R, Step L to L, Cross Kick R over L, Step R to R,   Step L to L

4&5  Cross R behind L, Rock L to L, Replace R

678 Touch L behind R, Unwind ¾ L, Point R to R [3:00]  


§2   & Cross Touch, ½ R Unwind, R Coaster, Full R Spin Fwd, Shuffle Fwd L  

&12 Step onto R, Touch L over R, Unwind ½ R [9:00]

3&4 Step back R, Step L beside R, Step fwd R

567&8½ R step L back, ½ R step R fwd, Shuffle fwd on L-R-L    [9:00]  


§3   Step Back, Kick Side, Step Back, Kick Side, Rock Back, Replace, Step Fwd, ½ L Pivot

1234 Cross R behind L, Kick L to L, Cross L behind R, Kick R to    R

5678 Rock back R, Replace L, Step fwd R, Pivot ½ L [3:00]                      


§4   ¼ L, Click, Behind & Side, Cross, Side Rock, Replace, Cross Shuffle

12   ¼ L Step R to R, Hold & Click both hands to R [12:00]

3&4 Cross L behind R, Step R to R, Cross L over R

567&8Side Rock R, Replace L, Cross Shuffle on R-L-R     


§5  ¼ R Toe Strut, ½ R Toe Strut, L Mambo, Rock Back, Replace

1234 ¼ R Toe Strut back L, ½ R Toe strut fwd R [9:00]

5&6 Rock fwd L, Replace R, Step back L

78   Rock back R lift L heel, Replace L


§6   ½ L Shuffle L, Rock Back, Replace, ½ L, ¼ L, Cross & Heel

1&234½ L Shuffle R-L-R, Rock back L, Replace R [3:00]

56   ½ R Step back L, ¼ R step R to R [12:00]

7&8  Cross L over R, Step R to R, Touch L heel to L


§7  Ball Cross, ¼ R, R Coaster, Rock Fwd, Replace, ¾ L Triple

&12 Step onto L, Cross R over L, ¼ R Step back L [3:00]

3&4 Step back R, Step L beside R, Step fwd R

567&8Rock fwd L, Replace R, ¾ Triple L on the spot on L-R-L   [6:00]

§8   Cross, Point, Cross, Point, Jazz Box Cross

1234 Cross R over L, Point L to L, Cross L over R, Point R to R

5678 (With attitude)– Cross R over L, Step back L, Step back R,    Cross L over R




TAG: End of Wall 1 & 4 facing 6:00 & 12:00

1&234 Side Shuffle on R-L-R, Rock back L, Replace R

5&678 Side Shuffle on L-R-L, Rock back R, Replace L


Finish: End of Tag on Wall 4:

   Step R to R drag L

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