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21st Crystal Ball Awards - About CBAs and some of the nominations for 2016...

10/12/2016 14:26

Vote for your favourite line dance artistes, instructors, choreographers, and line dances of various levels before 6th January 2017! And before you do so, let's find out a little about this annual Crystal Boot Awards in Blackpool, UK.

Gathering Information from the creators and producers of this event, the starting point of this event is in 1996 and CBA grown every year and its stature is now seen worldwide as a celebration of the best that Line dance has to offer. The CBA is now a world class, universal weekend event with the Line dance "Oscars" at its heart.

So what can a guest hope for at the CBA? The fun starts straight away as soon as you step foot within the Norbreck Castle in Blackpool. Why there? the answer is always SIZE! With a main events room more akin to a plane hangar and the fact that it can hold 1000 guests in one space simply means that the hotel is a natural home for dance events, CBA included.

Friday is where everyone gets checked in and where dancers feverishly consult the programmes to find out what is in store for them. Up until then, apart from the main theme which changes year on year, everything is a well guarded secret. In the evening there is a big social and also a few guest surprises and sometimes an extra teach or two!

Saturday and Sunday days are workshop times where the biggest Line dance names teach and showcase their immense talents to the grateful crowd. Saturday is the BIG award show, with acts and glittering awards. It is an evening of glamour, surprises and fun. Sunday evening is also a lot of fun with dressing up to the event's theme at the heart of it. Doors close on Sunday night very very late, says the proud organisers.

In its 21st Edition, this Jan 2017, let's take a peek at some of the CBAs nominations

Nominees for CBAs International Choreographer of the Year include 

Gary O’Reilly, Simon Ward, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Guyton Mundy, Roy Verdonk, and Niels Poulsen. Good luck to all of them!

Nominees for CBAs AB Dance of the Year:

Dancing on the Ceiling - Debbie Hogg, 

Lipstick, Powder & Paint by Claire & Stephen Rutter, 

Mamma Maria by Frank Trace, 

The Galway Gathering by Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

Nominees for CBAs Beginner dance of the Year include:-

Big Blue Tree - Ria Vos, 

Thinkin Country - Simon Ward, 

Bring on the Good Time - Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher, 

Let it Swing - Jamie Barnfield, 

Ticket to the Blues - Niels Poulsen, 

Until the Dawn - Gary O’Reilly

Nominees for CBAs Improver dance of the Year

Gypsy Queen - Hazel Pace, 

Heavenly Cha - Dee Musk, 

Lay Low by Darren Bailey, 

So Just Dance Dance Dance -  Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, 

Some Girls Will -  Vicky Morris, 

Well Do Ya? - Kim Ray

Nominees for CBAs Intermediate dance of the year

About Feelings - Ria Vos,

Ain’t Misbehavin’ - Guyton Mundy, Jo Thompson Szysmanki Amy Glass, 

Better when I’m dancin’ - Julia Wetzel, 

Corazon Diamante (Diamond Heart) - Gary O’Reilly, Roy Verdonk, Maggie Gallagher, 

Dear Friend - Kate Sala, 

Making History - Craig Bennett, Dee Musk, Simpn Ward, 

Manjaro - Robbie McGowan Hickie, 

Save The Day Karl-Harry Winson , 

Second Hand Heart - Maggie Gallagher, 

Strip it down - Rachael McEnaney-White, 

Suite 16 - Karl-Harry Winson, 

Take Me to the River -Jonas Dahlgen Roy Verdonk

Nominees for CBAs Advanced Dance of the Year

From the ground up - Rachael McEnaney-White & Rob Fowler, 

Girls Like - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Stand by You - Maggie Gallagher 

Super Heroes - Maggie Gallagher

Young Blood - Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick


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RIA VOS - International Instructor & Choreographer from the Netherlands

Ria Vos, one of the best female line dance choreographers and instructors from Netherlands. Probably, one of the best choreographers in the line dancing world, you may say. Although she has only discovered line dancing in 1996, She is so popular now that many of her choreography are instant hits with the line-dancing world. It is not surprisingly that her dances are in the top chart all over the world.

Ria Vos lives in Holland (also known as The Netherlands) with her husband and they have 3 children and a beautiful grandson.

Some of her hit dances include Sister Kate (the ‘inaugural’ dance that started it all), Ay Amor, Make You Sweat, Calypso Mexico, Bittersweet Memory, Go Seven, Move A Like, Language of the Heart, Dance Again, Wow Tokyo, No Mans Land  and more recent hits like Broken, Wish I Was, and Human After All.

And her accolades include the following:

Ria Vos have won Crystal Boot Award for “International Choreographer of the year” 4 years in a row, “International Instructor of the year” 2 years in a row, and Dance of the Year award for “Bittersweet Memory” and in 2015, “Wow Tokyo” was chosen as the  Dance of the Year.

Ria Vos is regularly invited to line dance international events all over the world and in her own words, she says, “…, so I hope to meet you somewhere on the dance floor soon! “