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5-6-7-8: Dance to: Your Soldier, Chills To The Bone & many more … (dd 9/3)

02/04/2012 00:45

Throw Your Hands Up, Chills To The bone by Linda Burgess and Dom Yates, respectively will thrill you together with NC2 – Your Soldier by Esmeralda v.d Pol. Other great dances for the week that you must practice for the weekend jam: Breathing (any 1 of the 3 versions – Kate Sala, Will Craig or Francien Sittrop), ExHale (a.k.a Shoop Shoop) and Stand By My Side. Two great NC2 not to be missed – My Memory & I Won’t Love - that will excite your dancing soul shall complete the list of 10 dances this weekend. Dance!


Dance Title

Dance Level


Dance / Music Video

Stepsheet Available?

Breathing (Feb12)


3 versions: You decide!

Francien Sittrop, Kate Sala, Will Craig

Francien Sittrop, Kate Sala, Will Craig

ExHale (aka Shoop Shoop) - Mar 12

Easy Intermediate

Francien Sittrop

Chills Me To The Bone (Feb’12)


Dom Yates

Your Soldier (Feb’12)

High Intermediate

Esmeralda van der Pol

Throw Your Hands Up (Feb’12)


Linda Burgess

My Memory (Mar’12)


Angel Chia (Sin)

I Won’t Love (Feb’12)


Kay Jeong


Stand By My Side (Feb’12)


Michael Vera-Lobos

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