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5-6-7-8: Dance with Kirsten Matthiessen, Cheorography winner of WDM Advanced Category...

15/08/2011 17:21

Dance with Kirsten Matthiessen - Monster in the Mirror – Choreography winner in the Advanced category of 2011 World Dance Masters held this August in U.K. Watch Kate Sala and Robbie M Hickie performed Love on Top & Feel Alright, respectively on the last day of the successful event on Sunday. This week, we introduce new dances from our Malaysian friends – Jennifer Choo & Gaby Lau - Hey Ladies & It’s time for disco, respectively. Jennifer penned & submitted the lively dance during the recently concluded Asia Pacific Dance Challenge. We loved the ‘drunken jazz box’ routine. Don’t wanna go home & Ka-ching Ba-bling are 2 other dances worthy of your collection in the beginner/easy intermediate category. Enjoy!


Dance Title

Dance Level


Dance / Music Video

Stepsheet Available?

Monster in the Mirror (Aug11)


Kirsten Matthiessen

Feel Alright(Aug’11)


Robbie McGowan Hickie


Love on Top (Aug11)


Kate Sala

It’s time to disco (Aug 11)

Phased Intermediate

Gaby Lau

Hey Ladies (Aug’11)


Jennifer Choo  

Don’t wanna go home (Jul11)


Jo & John Kinser

T.G.I.F (Aug’11)

Easy Intermediate

Lisa M Johns-Grose

Ka-ching Ba Bling (Jan’11)

Beg / Intermediate

Sebastiaan Holtland

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