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5-6-7-8: Dancing all the way to 2012…Anyone?

28/12/2011 21:56

You will enjoy dancing ‘Hey’ from Frank Trace to mark the end of 2011. The list also includes ‘The Wanderer’ a cracking dance for improver and ‘Ready Steady Go’ a popular dance with good review from many areas. Other popular line dances in the list are: Live This Life, Dems Girl, Kicking The Dirt by Neville & Julie, Michelle Risley (UK), Will Craig and Kate Sala respectively. Last but not the least, we like you to dance to the beat of ’16 Tons’ from our Aussie friend, Michael Vera-Lobos. Happy New Year, Dance!


Dance Title

Dance Level


Dance / Music Video

Stepsheet Available?

Holly Jolly Rock (Nov11)


Simone Anderson


Hey (Sep11)


Frank Trace


Live This Life (Dec11)


Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

The Wanderer (Oct11)


Michelle Risley

Dems Girl (Nov’11)


Will Craig

Kicking The Dirt (Nov’11)


Kate Sala

16 Tons (Nov’11)


Michael Vera-Lobos

Ready Steady Go (Nov’11)


Gaye Teather

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