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5-6-7-8: Encore … Vegas Dance Explosion…More…?

07/12/2011 23:06

Dance to the beats of Vegas Dance Explosion Choreography winners – Corazon, Mr President by Jesse Garcia and Tajali Hall, respectively. This Is A Man’s World, shouted Roy Verdonk while Tina said you will ‘Regret’ if living is ‘Without You’ by Will Craig. Probably one of the best beginner dances liked by all levels of dancers – On The Roof- Try it! This week, we’ll also do ‘I Don’t Want Tonight’ and ‘Dance ‘baby’ Dance by Will and Sebastiaan, respectively. Dance!


Dance Title

Dance Level


Dance / Music Video

Stepsheet Available?

Corazon (Nov11)


Jesse Garcia

Mr President (Oct11)

 Intermediate / Advanced

Tajali Hall

This is a Man’s World (Nov11)

 Easy Intermediate

Roy Verdonk

Without You (Sep’11)

 Int / Advanced Phased

Will Craig

Regret (Sep’11)

 Phased Improver

Tina Chen Sue-Huey (Taiwan)

On The Roof (Jul’11)


Stephen Rutter & Claire Butterworth

I Don’t Want Tonight (Nov’11)


Will Craig

Dance ‘Baby’ Dance (Nov’11)


Sebastiaan Holtland

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