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5-6-7-8: Festive Seasons & Dance Mood... Want 2 Dance?

09/12/2011 16:22

Dance to the beats of We Owned The Night by Lady Antebellum from Peter & Alison’s dance of the same title. Dan never fails to please, this time, he brings us back to the 90’s with the funky Hot Stepper. Goodbye Kiss, a great stuff danced to the fantastic sound of country and pop, you’ll love it. This week, we’ll also do ‘Read All About It’, ‘Up’, ‘One More Night’ and Rachael’s Footsteps. And also dance to the beat of The Rush by Peter & Alison, Enjoy!


Dance Title

Dance Level


Dance / Music Video

Stepsheet Available?

We Own The Night (Aug11)


Peter & Alison

Hot Stepper (Nov11)

High  Intermediate

Dan McInerney

Goodbye Kiss (Mar11)


Debbie McLaughlin & Joey Warren

Read All About It (Nov11)


Shaz Walton

It All Falls Down (Nov’11)

 Intermediate / Advanced NC2

Neville Fitzgerald

One More Night (Oct’11)


Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson

Footsteps (Oct’11)


Nicola Lafferty & Rachael McEnaney

The Rush (Oct’11)


Peter & Alison

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