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5-6-7-8: Misty Blue, Kiss The Stars, I’m In Love…Dancing, Anyone?

01/02/2012 20:21

Neville & Julie introduced 2 lovely dances – Chariz and Kiss The Stars – as their first greetings in 2012. Malene & Jannick provided a beautiful dance – Kings’N Queens – for your dancing pleasure. Julia shows off her ‘Misty Blue’ while Maggie’s pop cha dance – I’m In Love - will thrill you. Other dances not to be missed this week include: Mama Say Heya by Sebastiaan Holtland, FUP (First Up) by Peter & Alison, and a smooth phased advanced slow number from Neils – I Don’t Believe You. Dance!


Dance Title

Dance Level


Dance / Music Video

Stepsheet Available?

Chariz (Jan’12)


Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Kiss The Stars (Jan’12)


Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Kings’ n Queens (Jan12)


Malene Jakobsen & Jannick Brendholt (DK)

Misty Blue (Jan 12)


Julia Wetzel

Mama Say Heya (Jan’12)

Beginner /  Intermediate

Sebastiaan Holtland

I’m In Love (Jan’12)


Maggie Gallagher

First Up (FUP) Nov’11

High Beginner / Improver

Peter & Alison

I Don’t Believe You (Dec’11)

 Phased Advanced

Niels Poulsen

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