Oasis of Line Dancing


14/03/2012 21:19


Count: 32              Wall: 4                   Level: Improver
Choreographer: Dirk Leibing (De)        Music: Buddy & Meri - Sommer lass mich nicht allein

Intro : 24 counts (start with the vocal)

Side, Rock Step, Left Shuffle diagonal back, Rock Step, Kick Ball cross
1-2-3                      RF right, LF Rock Step forward, Recover
4&5                         LF diagonal back, RF lock in front of RF, LF LF diagonal back
6-7                          RF Rock Step back, Recover
8&1                         RF Kick, RF Ball, LF Cross

Side Rock, Sailor Step, Sailor ½ Turn, Point
2-3                          RF Rock To right Side, Recover
4&5                         Sailor Step Step right behind left, Step left to left side, Step right next to left
6&7                         Sailor Step Step left behind right, Step right ½ Turn left, Step left next to right (6:00)
8                              RF Point right

Cross, Point, Cross, Point, Rock Step, Chasse ¼ Turn
1-2                          RF cross over LF, LF Point to left Side
3-4                          LF cross over RF, RF Point to right Side
5-6                          RF Rock Step forward, Recover
7&8                         RF Turn ¼ right, LF close next to RF, RF to right Side (9:00)

Step, Hold, Step, Hold, Rock Step, Coaster Step
1-2                          LF Step forward, Hold
3-4                          RF Step forward, Hold
5-6                          LF Rock Step forward, Recover
7&8                         LF Step back, RF close next to RF, LF Step forward

Have Fun



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