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Cha Cha Conchita

11/04/2009 13:30


Cha Cha Conchita

Choreographed by:

Jennifer Choo Sue Chin, Malaysia (Feb 09)


Conchita by Lou Bega feat Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion (CD: Cha-Cha version)


32 count - 4 wall - Beginner/Intermediate level line dance


Intro: Dance starts 16 counts after the initial scream (0:09) 

Set 1 (1-9)

Cross Half Turn, Twinkle Step, Cross Point, Kick Out Hip Right 


Cross RF over LF, ¼ turn right stepping back on LF, ¼ turn right stepping RF to right side (6:00) 


Cross LF over RF, Step RF next to LF, Step LF slightly forward 


Cross RF over LF, point LF to left side 


Kick LF forward, Step LF to left side, Step RF to right side pushing hips to right 



Set 2 (10-17)

Hip Left, Hip Right Hook, Chasse Left With ¼ Turn, Pivot Turn, Kick Back Touch 


**Push hips to left, Push hips to right and hook LF slightly behind right leg (throw head to right) 


Step LF to left, Step RF next to LF, ¼ turn left stepping LF forward (3:00) 


Step RF forward, ½ sharp pivot turn left (9:00) 


Kick RF forward, Step RF back, Touch LF slightly in front of RF 



Set 3 (18-25)

¾ Turn Chasse Left, Cross Rock Recover, ¼ Right Forward Lock Steps 


¼ turn left stepping LF forward, ¼ turn left stepping RF back 


¼ turn left stepping LF to left, step RF next to LF, Step LF to left (12:00) (Cuban hips) 


Cross rock RF over LF, recover on LF 


¼ turn right stepping RF forward, Lock LF behind RF, Step RF forward (3:00) ** 


**RESTART: On wall 10, replace count 1 with ‘Right Hip Push’ (6:00). Then RESTART dance from Count 2 of Set 2 (Push hip to left) 



Set 4 (26-32)

Point Front, Point Back, Left Sailor, Butt Wiggles, Flick 


Point LF forward slight across RF, Point LF to left side 


Options for counts 2-3: 


Hitch LF, Kick LF slightly across RF, Hitch LF, Kick LF to left 


Step LF behind RF, Step RF to right, Step LF to left pushing hips to left 


Wiggle butt right, left, right, left, right (make it tight and fast, the faster the better! However, if you find it hard to wiggle, you can opt to hold for these 2 counts) 


Shift weight to left and flick RF diagonally right back 


Repeat And Have Fun!! 



RESTART: On wall 10, replace count 25 with ‘Right Hip Push’ (6:00). Then RESTART the dance from Count 10 (Push hip to left). 



ENDING: When you come to the front wall again after the RESTART, do the first 8 counts of the dance to face the back wall and connect with the following: 


Hip bumps to the right 


¼ turn right hip bumps to the left (9:00) 


¼ turn right step RF to right (12:00) 


Butt wiggles 


Flick RF for a final pose 

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