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Charity Event: Jungle Jive Hoe Down 2012 by Karar Line Dancing for Habitat For Humanity

01/07/2012 12:47

The Jungle Jive Hoe Down event is a good example of the compassionate and passion expressed by fellow linedancers around the world. Here goes: JUNGLE JIVE HOE DOWN REPORT - 23RD JUNE 2012
After half a year of planning and preparation, the Jungle Jive Hoe Down organized by Karar Line Dancing in Kuching is now over. A total of 309 people attended the event which was held at Stampark Recreational Hall on Saturday, 23rd June 2012. Out of that number, 88 flew in from Singapore, 13 from Perth and 5 from Kota Kinabalu.
Attendees to the sit-down 8-course Chinese dinner and dance party were greeted on arrival by a sign that said: “WARNING! Wild Dancers Inside!” As they walked along the corridor and were greeted by the ushers, they passed through a little garden that had been created by the decoration team headed by Sobrielo Philip Gene and Eric Yap. The team had spent the whole of Friday and Saturday morning transforming the badminton hall into a mini jungle. Green, yellow and blue ribbons were strung right across the hall, palm leaves decked the walls, and there was even a little waterfall created on the stage by this creative team and their helpers! Tables were given animal names which were written on small logs (yup, real logs – thanks to Eric’s carpenter friend!) placed on big yam leaves on the table.
A dance list of 70 dances was played that evening, starting at 5.45pm and continuing until 11.30pm! Alison Johnstone – choreographer and instructor from Perth, Australia – taught four dances spaced out during the evening.
1.    Bengawan Solo – a 32-count Beginner dance to the song “Bengawan Solo” by Tantowi Yaha. No tags, no restarts. Went down well with the dancers - even some who have very little line dancing experience.
2.    Your My World – a 32-count Intermediate dance to the song “You’re My World” by The Borderers. One 4-count tag.
3.    You Needed Me– 32-count High Intermediate dance by Alison and Adeline Cheng to the song “You Needed Me” by Ronan Keating. One 4-count tag.
4.    Pick A Bale – the 8-count Beginner dance by an Unknown choreographer that is making waves worldwide. You could hear peals of laughter breaking out throughout the hall as the music sped up near the end!
There were also three performances:
1.    Gone Too Soon (a tribute to Michael Jackson) – Alison Johnstone and Sobrielo Philip Gene teamed up to dance to the song as it was sung by Yeo Yu Puay.
2.    A Line Dance Tribute to Whitney Houston by the Karar Line Dancers (adults, youths and kids) & Sobrielo Philip Gene – a medley of three dances to songs by the late songbird – I Will Always Love You, I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Queen of the Night.
3.    Dance Again – a performance by Yu Puay and Philip (in fact, it was the first time Yu Puay had done a solo in a performance!)
The performances were all put together by Philip who flew in from Singapore more than a week earlier to help with all the last minute preparations for the event – the decorations, the final practices, etc and being secretary to Yu Puay! Hahaha
The purpose of the hoe down was to raise funds for a family in need of proper housing. Habitat for Humanity is the organization which will build a concrete toilet and bathroom for a family of a single mother with three young daughters. The house they live in is built on stilts with plywood over a wooden frame. There are now holes in the floor of the bathroom and water is seeping into the bedroom next door as well. Through the big hearts of the line dance community and the generosity of sponsors, Karar Line Dancing managed to raise RM17,507.84 for this project. As the amount raised exceeded the estimated cost, the excess money will be used to help another family in need in the near future. We will keep you posted on this.
A word of thanks to everyone who contributed towards the success of this event – Alison, Philip, sponsors, those who helped in one way or another, instructors who brought their students, all dancers and especially all the Karar Line Dancers who have stood behind us in every event that we’ve organized! Love you all loads! This event was a success because of you! God bless you all!
Pictures can be viewed on Facebook at:
Now, mark down this date in your diary - Saturday, 22nd June 2013 - next year’s big do! Hope to see you then!
Yu Puay

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