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Crystal Boot Awards 2012: Winners

30/01/2012 07:56

Results of the Crystal Boot Awards Winners:

Congratulations to all the winners of the recently concluded Crystal Boot Awards 2012! The list of winners are (drum roll...)

Dance of the year: 1st Placing - Bittersweet Memory by Ria Vos; 2nd: The Flute by Maggie Gallagher & 3rd Placing: On The Edge by Craig Bennett 

Advanced Dance of The Year: On The Edge

Intermediate Dance of the Year: Bittersweet Memory

Improver Dance of the Year: Knee Deep

Beginner Dance of the Year: Joint Winners - Blue Night Cha and Something In The Water

Absolute Beginner Dance ... Skinny Genes

Female and Male Personalty of the Year: Rachael McEnaney (female) and Craig Bennett (Male)

International Choreographer of the Year: Ria Vos

International Instructor of the Year: Niels Poulsen

UK choreographer of the Year: Robbie McGowan Hickie

UK instructor of the Year: Rachael McEnaney

DJ of the year: Big Dave

Hall Of Fame inductee : Martha Ogasawara


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