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Feature: Jennifer Choo Sue Chin - Renowned Malaysian Linedance Choreographer, Dancer & Instructress

18/11/2010 12:20

A Profile of Jennifer Choo as extracted from June Chan write up in Dec 2009:                                                                                              Jennifer Choo Sue Chin (or Sue) found a new avenue for dancing when she was introduced to line dancing in 2004… In 2006, Sue choreographed Fairy Tale. To her delight, Fairy Tale was picked up by a good number of dancers. This motivated Sue to choreograph more dances. To date, Sue has choreographed 16 dances which were danced worldwide; the better known ones include Hare Ram, Cha Cha Conchita, Love, Love Me Do and Innuendo. In 2007, Sue took her new passion in life one step further when she started classes of her own. Later she started teaching her line dance choreographies at dance events. Sue is also a favourite guest artiste at various events where she was invited to showcase her talent as a performer. In 2009, Sue’s contribution to the line dance community was recognised worldwide when she was featured in the February edition of the Line Dancer Magazine. In Sept 2010, Sue taught at the 2010 WOW event held in Shanghai China alongside Jo Thompson, Rachael McEnaney, Kate Sala, Scott Blevins, Niels Poulsen, Jo & John Kinser, Marilyn McNeal, Rosie Multari, Lina Choi and Leong Mei Ling. Sue presently resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she works as a Senior Academic Manager in an e-learning company.  Some of the latest Choreography: Cuban Yeah & Let Me Dance. We introduce 'Cuban Yeah' for your dancing pleasure - Watch dance video on ‘Cuban Yeah’ here on home page!

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