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Feature: Rachael McEnaney

21/02/2011 11:34

Rachael McEnaney born with a family background of Ballroom and Latin Champions will celebrate her 30th birthday this August. This year is probably her best year in terms of achievement and awards. Will she reach higher ground? We're sure she will, especially with her love of dance. Since 4, she has discovered and trains in many different forms of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom, latin, salsa, hip hop and many others.

Rachael finished college in 1999 with excellent GCES results and A levels in Sports Studies, French & German. Rachael began teaching linedance in York, England at the young age of 15 and she completed her first competition at the UCWDC European Championships in 1999 and emerged as a star the following year. Since then, she has won numerous accolades and awards for her instruction and choreography (see Her Achievement & Awards below).  According to her, she was inspired by at least the following personalities: Rob Fowler, Pedro Machado, Jo Thompson Szymanski and Paul McAdam among others.

Her Achievements & Awards: In 2002, she joined forces with Rob Fowler and 3 other friends to form ‘Masters In Line’ as a director involving in running events, coordinate in competition, judging and performing around the world including USA, Malaysia and Singapore. Rachael has many students following in her footsteps and successes. To date, she has at least trained 28 World Champions. She travels and dances internationally and has won accolades for her instruction and choreography including I Run To You, Snap You Fingers, Don’t Miss A Thing, Toes, Rhymes or Reason, Raise Your Glass, Ooh I Like That, Bobbi with an I, Jesse James, Everything I Do, Let It Be and many other line dances. Her recognitions and awards throughout her career include the followings:

2011: 15th Crystal Ball Awards winners in 4 categories - Best Instructor, Best Personality & Choreographer of the Year, plus Best Choreography in ‘Rhyme or Reason’

2010: Dancers Choice Awards for Instructor of the Year

2010: 14th Crystal Boot Awards for Female Personality of the year and beginner dance – Toes.

2010 & 2009: UCWDC Star Award for Best Female Instructor of the year

2009: Dancers Choice Awards in Best Female Choreographer, The Show Stopper award & Female Instructor of the year.

2007: UCWDC Star Award for Best female instructor.

Others: She has also won many other accolades and nominations throughout her career. A female personality, the linedance world is very proud of. Best wishes and may Rachael shines even brighter with better choreography and other contributions in the future ahead.

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