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30/01/2012 18:17

Ira Weisburd is an award winning, internationally recognized choreographer. He has been choreographing dances for recreational Folk and Line Dancers for more than 30 years. He is unique in that his background in all kinds of music from around the world has enabled him to create an amazing wide variety of circle and line dances, many of which have become instant classics, on the must do playlists of hundreds of groups.


He has a huge following throughout ASIA, EUROPE, USA and ISRAEL. His dance CUMBIA SEMANA hit the top of the charts when it was first introduced and continues to be a favorite to this day. SEDUCED is another dance that hit the top of the charts and is still one of the most played, taught and danced line dances. He is especially well known for his Latin Style Line dances and some of his most popular ones are: LINDA EH, CHACHANELA, LOLA, CUMBIA AMORE, MALA, MOJO MAMBO, BALLANDO, CABALLERO and more. Recently, CABALLERO wooed and mesmerized line dancers to pack dance halls whenever it was played.


He also won the prestigious "Dancer's Choice Award" for 2010 Dancer's Friend of the Year in Las Vegas. His dance "SBS Shuffle Boogie Soul" started a World Wide Dance Craze last year and is now fueling a Worldwide Flash Mob Tour. More than 35 countries participated in a "Worldwide Flash Mob Project" where more than 400 videos were submitted of groups doing the dance in public venues all over the world.


He has been invited to give workshops in cities across the U.S. and recently returned from a 28 Day Asian Workshop Tour of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. He recently completed an East Coast & Beyond Tour of U.S. teaching 33 Workshops in 40 Days!! After giving workshops in Arizona, Texas and Alabama, his World Tour will take him next to Australia and New Zealand in April and May of 2012 and then to Canada in July & August and finally to Colorado and California in October/November, 2012.


This year Ira is invited to teach at 4 Major Events: 54th Annual SAFD San Antonio Folk Dance Festival, Hora Shalom Israeli Dance Camp in Perth, Western Australia, The Mayworth Festival: Australia’s Largest Country Line Dance Festival in Tamworth, Australia & the 2012 Hawaii Line Dance Workshop.


Extracted from the Bio of Ira Weisburd – One of the most influential choreographer of our time.

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