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Line dance and ‘BAN BAN TAN’ or ‘1 MINUTE PLEASE’ - 慢慢等, anyone?

24/05/2011 17:22

Line dance has evolved and grew exponentially and universally since the ‘cowboy’ or country & western days, and the same is happening in the Chinese community of line dancing around the world. Partly because of the growth, there are now instances of 2 or more dance choreographies based on the same song in the Chinese community too, although this is not new in the Western communities in Europe and North America which already happened long time ago since the ‘cowboy’ days.

Interestingly, we note that there are 2 versions of line dances based on the same Hokkien song titled ‘Ban Ban Tan 慢慢等' by Ms Tong Mei Yen, albeit an edited version from Juliet Lam, renowned line dance instructress and teach video publisher from USA. Kenny Teh, the renowned and popular line dance guru and choreographer in Malaysia wrote his piece of 'Ban Ban Tan' (literally translated as 'wait long long' - singlish for wait patiently) under the same song title in Dec 2010 while Juliet penned hers in Mar 2011 preferring to titled the dance as '1 Minute Please'. Whatever the competition, this can only be good for everybody especially the Chinese linedance community. 

Interestingly too, both dances are phased dance at intermediate level. We like the step movements in both dances and enjoyed both. We recognise that there will be individual preference for either one of them. To compare the 2, we provide links to the 2 dances below. Enjoy!
Kenny Teh’s Version: Click here for Ban Ban Tan  & for its stepsheet, click BBT stepsheet 

Juliet Lam’s version: Click 1 Minute Please for the video  & click here for the stepsheet 

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