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Line Dancing - Part 1: An Art Or Cowboy Dance?

29/03/2009 18:53


The components in Line Dancing are the basic dance steps used in all the other forms of social dancing. If anyone is going to learn to dance, the first step is to learn how to move, or the basic footwork. Line dance does it without partner.
Line Dancing has stood the test of time and we all know it has evolved into its very own recognized dance format. It has been around for years, will it stands the test of time and be around for the next 10 years?
The current state of Line Dancing, no longer limited to 'Country & Western' Line Dancing, is not restricted to one form of music or another. Line Dancing has evolved past the point of being mould in a particular form. It is performed by individuals, groups, or 'Dance Teams' and is danced all over the world. We have learned that there are competitions which feature all age categories and include teams and original choreography. There is now a 'contemporary' division that specifically allows for new attitudes in music and costuming

To enjoy Line Dancing, the dance should be portrayed through the actions of the entire body, not just the feet. This old notion should go for we are not dancing robots, as some would say. By entire body, we mean actions including the hip (Cuban motion), arm styling, facial expression , and any other movements that enhance the dance components. Progressive dance instructors would probably teach dance technique rather than having the class of learners mimicing the basic dance steps. Do what you feel is right for you, there's no right or wrong, but different techniques and opinions.
As a new art form, will Line Dancing evolves further? What do you say?

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