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29/01/2010 17:39

IMM Garden Linedance Session On Saturday EXCEPT last week of the month. April 2010 began with Yuhua CC linedance club inaugural session on 10 April 2010. Jenny Lim is the trainer for the session at IMM and at Yuhua for the mini-jam session at end of the month. 

An entertaining and enjoyable event at SUPER low cost - at least 30 dances per week with 1, 2 or more new introduction and teaching session by Jenny Lim, one of the dynamic & popular instructors in Singapore.
Dance list is now available here in Event Calendar.
Class (Mini JAM) as usual on every last week of the month at Yuhua C.C air-conditioned hall ...  says Moris on behalf of the Yuhua CC Linedance Club. For details, please contact Yuhua C.C or Jenny Lim.

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