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Probably, one of the best contemporary line dance choreographers...

14/11/2016 19:40

Do you know who discovered line dancing some 20 years ago and is now one of the best choreographers in the line dancing world! She is, none other than...

Ria Vos, one of the best female line dance choreographers and instructors from Netherlands. Probably, one of the best choreographers in the line dancing world, you may say. She discovered line dancing in 1996, and she started to teach line dancing about 7 years later, or some 13 years ago.


According to her, she would teach a new dance almost every week, and she would conduct workshop once every 6 weeks - doing 10 to 12 dances of different levels for teachers and instructors.


Ria Vos lives in Holland (also known as The Netherlands) with her husband and they have 3 children and a beautiful grandson.


And how did she start choreographing? She started to choreograph beginner line dance when she could not look for the beginner dances with certain steps for her classes. According to her, the students liked it and that gave her the confidence to write more, and the rest is history… She is so popular now that many of her choreography are instant hits with the line-dancing world. It is not surprisingly that her dances are in the top chart all over the world.


Some of her hit dances are Sister Kate (the ‘inaugural’ dance thst started it all), Ay Amor, Make You Sweat, Calypso Mexico, Bittersweet Memory, Go Seven, Move A Like, Language of the Heart, Dance Again, Wow Tokyo, No Mans Land  and more recent hits like Broken, Wish I Was, and Human After All.


And her accolades include the following:

Ria Vos have won Crystal Boot Award for “International Choreographer of the year” 4 years in a row, “International Instructor of the year” 2 years in a row, and:

Dance of the Year award for “Bittersweet Memory” and in 2015, “Woe Tokyo” was chosen as the  Dance of the Year.


Ria Vos is regularly invited to line dance international events all over the world and in her own words, she says, “…, so I hope to meet you somewhere on the dance floor soon! “


Ria Vos derives satisfaction from people dancing her dances in floor-filled dance hall, and she was inspired by the pleasure of sharing her choreography with line dancers. She said, “… can’t describe this wonderful feeling. As long as I can give dancers some pleasure with my choreographies, I am inspired and this will keep me writing new dances for you.”


We look forward to your new dances. From Ria to you: Ria, xxx (3 kisses= Dutch custom :-)


Thank you, Ria Vos!


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