Oasis of Line Dancing

Tong Nian

19/04/2009 18:00


Tong Nian

Choreographed by:

Unknown (Revised by Emily Ding)(June 08)


童年 by 刘文正


32 count - 2 wall - Beginner level line dance



Right Diagonal Forward Lock Left Behind, Right Step Forward ,Scuff Left., Left Diagonal Forward Lock Step, Scuff Right 


Right forward diagonal right, lock left behind, right forward , left scuff. (1:00) 


Left forward diagonal left, lock right behind, left forward, right scuff. (11:00) 


(hands moving forward , back, forward and claps) 





Right Forward Rock Recover Left, Right Back Rock Recover Forward Left (Twice) (ROCKING CHAIR) 


Right forward rock recover back on left, right back rock recover forward On left 


(Repeat 1 - 4) hands rolling clockwise (right over left)(total 8 counts) 





Right Shuffle Half Turn Left. Left Back Rock Recover Right. Left Shuffle Half Turn Right, Right Back Rock Recover Left. 


Right shuffle forward ½ turn left. , left back rock recover on right (6:00)  


Left shuffle forward ½ turn right., right back rock recover on left. (12:00)  





Right Forward Paddle Quarter To Left, Right Forward Paddle To Quarter Left 


Right forward paddle ¼ left, Right forward paddle ¼ left. (6:00) (both hands up rolling )  


Sway hip right, left, right ,left. (weight on left) (both hands on waist) 





END OF DANCE: turn and post... happy dancing to all. 





**Optional: additional tag into this dance  



TAG: END of wall 2, 4, 6 (before beginning wall 3. 5, 7) facing 12:00 clock 


Right step side. Left touch beside right.. Left step side,. Right touch beside left.

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