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16/09/2010 13:23

This website aims to carry on the tradition of selfless sharing of news, events, video, step sheets, and everything about line dancing, as Line Dancing evolves into a unique dance routine of its own identity. We are NOT YIPEE.SG, and we do not pretend to be one. Our motto is to enjoy line dancing with everyone, anyone who is interested in line dancing.

Information on news and events are selectively published for the benefits of linedancers. We welcome articles and information about line dance parties, video and step sheets of both new and old dances. We welcome comments and suggestions - let us know thru' our Feedback. Cheers! 

The information available here is by no means exhaustive, and it complementswith other similar websites on LINE DANCING in Singapore. Primarily, it is established to enhance communications among our kakis who are members of Flamingoes, and to share dances and party events. It also serves to promote line dancing especially news of event activities in Western & Central parts of Singapore. However, event in other vparts of the island are also highlighted in the interest of our line dancing kakis, eg. the line dancing party in Downtown East.  


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