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Want 2 Try These New Dances?

12/10/2010 18:02

There are many new dances now than ever. The following are some of the new dances in Sep/Oct 2010.

Beau James, Paul & Karla Dornstedt (Beg)
Behave Yourself, Mike O'Brien (Int)
Branded, Eddie Huffman (Beg/Int)
Chance Romance, Debbie Small (Ultra Beg)
Change The World, Malene Jakobsen
Disappearing Bubbles, Gaye Teather (Int)
Elvis Angel, Kenny Teh (Int)
Euro Mess, Jo Kinser, Daniel Trepat, & Niels Poulsen (Int)
Fingers Snap, Ingrind Kan (Beg/Int)
Jumpin The Gun (Int)

Ignition, Jane Boyd (Int)
Let's Dance, Dance, Dance, Betty Moses (Beg/Easy Int)
Little Ol Kisses, Peter & Alison (Beg/Int)
Little White Church Bell, Jackie Lincoln (Beg)
Natural Woman Waltz, Jackie Lincoln (Beg)
Nice Boots, Sandra Speck
On Ice, Lawrence Allen (High Beg/Low Int)
One Plus Two Is, Marie Sorensen (Beg/Int)
Put You In A Song, Peter & Alison (Int)
Rude Attitude, Lawrence Allen (High Beg)
Shake 'Em Down, Barbara R. K. Wallace (Int)
The Pulse, Kate Sala (Int)

3S Pictures, Mary Frances Chua (High Beg)
A Secret Love, Kelvin Deadman
All I Ever, Rob Fowler, Andrew & Sheila, A&S (Int)
Baby Blue, William Sevone (Adv Beg)
CanAm Tango, Michele Perron, Michele Burton & Michael Barr (Int)
Coco Jambo, Sebastiaan Holtland (High Beg)
Crystal Chandeleirs (aka Charlie's Pride), Jan Wyllie (Easy Int)
Don't Miss A Thing, Rachael McEnaney (Int/Adv)
Elvis Shuffle, Pat Stott
Love In One Shot, Vivienne Scott
Lover Lover, A.J. & Scott Herbert (Adv Beg)
Minimal, Alan G Birchall (Int)
Over It (Cry Baby), Regina Cheung & Sebastiaan Holtland (Int)
White Shirt Shuffle, Gail Craddock (Beg)

Don't know which one to go for? Fret not, we suggest trying these 4 dances as the videos are available here for limited period. New dance by a rare combination from Regina Cheung & Sebastiaan Holtland - Over It (Cry Baby), a catching tune, 64 count choreography that will rejuvenate your soul to the soothing and addictive beats. Ready to dance, now. Click HERE for the videos: 1. Written on the stars, 2) Bumpy Ride, 3) Over It (Cry Baby), 4) Don't Miss A Thing, and many more. Enjoy!

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