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Watch It Burn

07/06/2012 18:20

Watch It Burn

Count: 32   Wall: 4                   Level: Intermediate
Choreographer: Will Craig       Music: Set Fire To The Rain by Adele

16 counts intro

[1-8] Basic Cha Cha, With a Triple Step Forward, Rock Recover Full Turn Right
1-2-3                      Step right to side, rock left forward, recover to right
4&5                         Triple Forward left, right, left
6-7                          Rock right forward, recover to left
8&                           Starting a full turn over right shoulder step right foot forward making a 1/2 turn, Finishing the full turn make a 1/2 turn bringing left foot to right

[9-16] Step Right Foot Back Into a Coaster Step Cross, Rock and Cross, Rock Recover, Half Turn Left
1, 2&                       Step right foot back, Step left foot back, Bring right foot next to left
3, 4&                       Step left foot forward, Rock out to right side with right foot, Recover weight onto left
5, 6                         Cross right foot over left foot, Rock left foot out to left side
7, 8                         Recover weight onto right foot, Make a 1/2 turn over left shoulder stepping left foot to left side

[17-24] Half Turn Left, Hold, Side Together Side Together, Cross Rock Recover, Cross Rock Recover With 1/4 Turn
1, 2                         Making 1/2 Turn Over left shoulder step right foot to right side, Hold for count 2
&3&4                      Bring left foot next to right, Step right foot to right side, Bring left foot next to right, Step right foot to right side
5&6                         Cross rock left over right, Recover weight onto right, Step left foot to left side
7&8                         Cross rock right foot over left, Recover weight onto left, Make a 1/4 turn right step forward onto right foot

[25-32] Half Turn Triple Step, Half Turn Walk Walk
1, 2                         Step left foot forward, Make 1/2 turn over right shoulder putting weight onto right foot
3&4                         Triple forward left, right, left
5, 6                         Step forward onto right foot, Make 1/2 turn over left shoulder putting weight onto left foot
7, 8                         Step forward right, Left

Begin dance again

***RESTARTS*** Wall 3:- Dance till count 28 start again on the 3 o'Clock Wall. Wall 6:- dance till count 28 start again facing 6 o'Clock Wall


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