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By-product after Shanghai WOW 2010

18/09/2010 13:11

Wow, It was reported by the organising committee as well as participants including those from Malaysia who had joined the annual gathering in Shanghai in September.

Well, what actually comes out of the event besides all the fun, laugher and memorable times? The renowned choreographers had joined forces and come out with 'Shanghai Squat' - we were told that this was the inspiration from the use of Shanghai toilet - particularly the squatting type. Music from Andy Lau, aptly titled 'W.C' or ma tong. The other choreography is 'Shanghai Surprise', a 32-count intermediate fun dance jointly choreographed by Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rachael McEnaney who were there at WOW 2010 . ( Both step sheets available in 'News & Step Sheets' section in https://linedancing.webnode.com Click on dance titles for the links NOW!!! )

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