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Where To Find Dance Demo?

18/11/2012 11:43

To find Dance demos, go to the VIDEO as well as ARCHIVES-VIDEO pages - On home page, we regularly feature well choreographed and popular line dances - both new and not-so-new ones. Some of the Dance Video on Home, Video & Archives-Video pages include: We Only Live Once, Moving As One, My Reason, Run Away With you, Shake It Mamma, Must Be Something, Factor 15, One Great Mystery, Super Girls, Cheesecake, One Fine Thing, Chicago Bonfire. Nothing really Matters. Wonder Train, Turnaround, Prayer in C, Feet On Fire, One Less, Ain't Wot U Do, Treble, She's On Fire, You'll Be Okay, Body Goes Boom!, Non Possiamo, Undo, Casa Musica, Underneath Your clothes, Say Geronimo, Work Your Body, Down To The River, Hey O, My Moment, Let It Go, Heaven In My Heart, Those Were The Days, He's Italiano, Whistle While I Work It, If I Don't, Crazy Love For You, Ready Set Mambo & many other dances including old memories. 

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