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Line Dance Maniac @ Windy City Dance Sports 2010

18/10/2010 19:28

After WOW 2010 in Shanghai, Chicago held its annual Windy City Dance Sports from 3-5 September. Among other events, the performance of the 2 entries in the Line Dance Pro Choreography competition by Team USA and Team International were superb. Click HERE for some highlights of the event.

And as we promised earlier, more information about Line Dance Maniac in Windy City Dance Sports 2010:

Line dance mania

Wow, another great experience at the annual Dance Sports in Chicago from 3-5 Sep this year. There are lots of new dances to learn from and  chance to meet, attend workshops and see many of the choreographers that we see on YouTube all the time.   They are Winnie (Dance Queen), Judy McDonald, Michele Perron, Joe Thompson, Niels Poulson, Michael Barr, Michele Burton. There were workshops everywhere including a workshop on technique with Joe Thompson. She’s wonderful, said a participant who is an instructress. She is what dancing is all about - She enjoys to dance and dance to enjoy the music. Unfortunately, Joe Thompson-Symanski is not well. It is so sad to hear that such a beautiful and young talented woman having to go through such an ordeal. Let’s all keep her in our prayers. (See other article on update from Tim Symanski)

The pros put on a great show and the dancing was absolutely superb. You are on “ so you think you can dance”! The 2 pro challenge winners should make it BIG here: ‘Euro Mess’ which is the CHAMPION will definitely hit the shore in Singapore, by courtesy of Jo Kinser, Daniel Trepat, & Niels Poulsen. Jumpin’ The Gun by Jo Thompson, Jackie Miranda and Judy McDonald. Watch the video here for a limited period. Sheet is also available in this web.

Lastly, A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE by Jacob Ballard and 1st overall winner of the Windy City choreography competition will surely make you let your hair down and go WILD, remember Donna Summer, the sexy disco queen in the 80’s?

Videos and step sheets of all line dances mentioned here are available NOW for limited period (video). The step sheets are here to stay. Enjoy!


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