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Line Dancers, R U ready 4 X'mas & Countdown 2010?

20/12/2010 22:39

Linedancers, are u ready for X’mas and Countdown parties this December’10? Some of you have already danced away in early X’mas parties like we do. But, there are some new ones this Dec; Did u miss them? Have u revised the dance steps of those dances expected in X’mas & Countdown 2010? Well, fret not, here is another opportunity to go thru’ the dances on video. Don't miss 'Ban Ban Tan' - translate literally: Wait Long Long (Singlish) - Try it, u will like it!

Dance Title

Dance Level


Stepsheet Available?

The Goose Drank Wine (Dec10)


Rafe Andersen

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Vamos A La Playa (Nov10)


Sophitia Christiansen

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Ban Ban Tan (Dec 10) Translation: Wait Long Long (Singlish)

Intermediate Phase

Kenny Teh

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Rockin with the Rhythm (Dec 10)

Beginner / Intermediate

Rob Fowler

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Beside the above list, there are more at following sites; just click on them to go to revise favorite dances on video. Cheers!

Click Linedance: 5-6-7-8

Click More 5-6-7-8: Linedance

Click A Candle In The Dark By Pat Stott (Nov10)

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