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05/04/2016 22:44

A Lesson In Love

A Lesson In Love    Count: 48  Wall: 2 ...
06/05/2013 20:17

A Liquid Lunch

A Liquid Lunch                                 Count: 64              Wall: 4...
28/05/2013 15:08

A Liquid Lunch

A Liquid Lunch                                      Count: 64...
25/11/2013 14:00

A Little Bit Gypsy

A Little Bit Gypsy  Count:32 Wall:4 Level:Improver / Intermediate Choreographer:Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris (Oct 2013) Music:Little Bit Gypsy - Kellie Pickler (iTunes) Starts&n
22/08/2016 20:30

A Little Bit Of Me

A Little Bit Of Me   Count: 24 Wall: 4 Level: High Beginner NC2S Choreographer: Julia Wetzel - August 2016 Music: All Of Me by John Legend (Album: Love In The Future), Length: 4:29, (Short Version by Julia: 3:31)   Intro: 8 counts (approx. 7 seconds into track, right before lyrics...
25/01/2015 14:22

A Little Bitty Baby

A Little Bitty Baby   Low Beginner level linedance Four-wall, 32 count, 134 BPM Start 34 counts into music - ("Home" + 5,6,7,8) Choreographed by Norman Gifford nlgifford@yahoo.com   MUS
27/05/2014 20:19

A Little Faith

A Little Faith  Count:32 Wall:4 Level:Intermediate Choreographer:Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris (May 2014) Music:Have A Little Faith in Me by Bon Jovi. Album: New Years Ev
04/09/2011 19:29

A Little Higher (Jun11)

A Little Higher Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner Choreographer: Peter & Alison, TheDanceFactoryUK, (June 2011) Music: Higher – Taio Cruz feat. Kylie Minogue Start after 48 count intro – 128bpm – 3.22 [1-8] Walk fwd R & L, R fwd & back toe touches, walk fwd R & L, R...
04/10/2011 00:19

A little love worth waiting 4

A Little Love Worth Waiting 4 Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Absolute Beginner Choreographer: Norman Gifford Music: A Love Worth Waiting For – Bouke (130bpm) Start on vocals (Modified rumba boxes...
12/08/2013 12:08

A Little Party

A Little Party  Count:64 Wall:2 Level:Intermediate Choreographer:Ruben Luna - Jill Babinec (July 2013) Music:A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody (All We Got) – Fergie, Q-Tip,Goonrock (Gat


30/01/2017 21:16

Results of the 21st Crystal Boot Awards - finally!

Results of the 21st Crystal Boot Awards - finally! With a short introduction of what Crystal Boot Awards (CBA) is all about last December and the voting process completed, it is natural that we look forward to the overall results. Well, wait no more, the results are out over the weekend. Big...
10/12/2016 14:26

21st Crystal Ball Awards - About CBAs and some of the nominations for 2016...

Vote for your favourite line dance artistes, instructors, choreographers, and line dances of various levels before 6th January 2017! And before you do so, let's find out a little about this annual Crystal Boot Awards in Blackpool, UK. Gathering Information from the creators and producers of this...
15/05/2016 10:57

Tamworth Dance Festival - The Australian Event of the Year, so they say... check it out!

MAY 12-15 2016 \\ WEST TAMWORTH LEAGUES \\ TAMWORTH The Australian Country Dance  Festival & Line Dance Ball & Awards held from 12 - 15 May with different themes and events  during the 4-day festival. Guests for the event include Darren...
31/01/2016 22:39

Crystal Boot Awards - The Results

Every year this time, we awaits the results of the Crystal Boot Awards beamed live across the planet. This awards is one of the most important event in the line dancing world.    This year, there are 19 category of winners. Rob Fowler is among the big winners and there are Jo...
05/01/2016 13:22

It's 2016 & Goodbye 2015...

How time flies, just a wink and 2016 is here. You & I have wonderful time celebrating the year-end festive parties and what have you, and now it's the time to look back and reflect on how we've been doing and what is our resolutions in 2016. Last year, this time, we said we would like to...
11/06/2015 13:41

Know More about AICP Line Dance Certification... (from the horses mouth)

Some Q&As provided by usldworkg@gmail.com - the people behind AICP Line Dance Certification   Q1.    Why was the program started?  The International Consortium of Line Dance Instructors (ICLDI) was formed because a group of line dancers and friends who...
17/04/2015 14:24

Square Dancing or Line Dance?

Not too long ago, we highlighted a popular dance, ‘Little Apple’ from China and its spread to many parts of the linedancing world. In this article, we look at how the Chinese in PRC do line dancing or square dancing (广场舞). I would say this is a form of line dancing. Why? First, the dancers...
28/01/2015 16:43


Congratulations to all winners of the 19th Crystal Boot Awards held in Blackpool this January. The winners...
20/12/2014 13:23

Welcome 2015, Goodbye 2014...

Time flies, 2014 is coming to an end and it's time for Xmas & New Year celebrations. What is our aspiration in 2015 and what do you want to achieve in the new year?  Before we zoom into the details, let's look back and ponder... Well. thank you, each and every one of you who have supported...
22/09/2014 09:06

It's Apple Again! ...Read on (Line dance & Apple 6?)

This September, Apple rocks the world with its new and hugely popular Apple 6 and Apple 6 plus smartphone. You probably know by now they sold 10 million sets within a few days. In this article, we are not talking about this Apple, but another Little Apple from the East. The hit song, Little Apple...

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Small Talk

27/04/2009 12:09

How To Line Dance? Read Step Sheets- Make Simple Part II

  Following our article on how to read step sheets, we decided to go one step further to share the basic line dance terminology here. As this will be lengthy, the article is broken into two parts with the first one here.  Basic Line Dance Terminology Most...
05/04/2009 23:28

Learn To Dance or Line Dance: Read Step Sheet - Make Simple

  The first step to learn how to read a step sheet: Learn the terminology and the step description! Terms A basic is one repetition of the main dance from the first count to the last not including any tags or bridges. In competition if this is danced "as written" with no variations, it is...