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09/03/2011 17:14

1 Minute Please (Mar'11)

  1 Minute Please Choreographed by: Juliet Lam, USA (Mar 11) Music: ...
24/11/2010 19:13

1-2-3-4 (Nov'10)

  1-2-3-4 Choreographed by: Niels Poulsen, Denmark (Nov 10) Music: ...
23/12/2011 17:14

16 Tons

16 TONS ~ 2 Walls, 64 Counts, Beginner/Intermediate Line Dance Choreographed by Michael Vera-Lobos (Aus)(Oct 2011) Choreographed to “16 Tons” by Leanne Rimes[CD: Lady & Gentlemen] Intro     : 32 Counts. [00:18]   §1   Out Out, Cross Kick, Out Out,...
08/04/2012 23:22


1929 Count: 32              Wall: 4                   Level: Easy Intermediate Choreographer: Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie...
04/08/2009 14:46

2 of Us

  2 Of Us Choreographed by: Maggie Gallagher (Jun 09) Music: Ben...
17/04/2014 11:49

2-Way Kiss

2-Way Kiss  Count:64 Wall:2 Level:Improver Choreographer:Ria Vos, (April 2014) Music:Kiss You Tonight - David Nail, Album: I’m A Fire Music ‘Slow’: “Kiss You Tonight” David Nail,&n
07/01/2011 12:15

2011 Rabbit Wabbit (Dec'10)

  2011 RABBIT WABBIT Choreographed by: Belle Lee, Malaysia (Dec 10) Music: ...
13/06/2011 23:41


2 Nite Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Intermediate Choreographer: Will Craig Music: Give Me Everything by Pitbull Ft Ne- Yo 32 count Intro Steps Forward Touch Behind X2, Run Backs X2 With Right Touch, Right Foot Out Toe Heel Toe 1,...
01/10/2014 17:19


2xBang  Count: 64  Wall: 4 ...
18/05/2012 00:03

3-2-1 Lets Go

3-2-1 Lets Go   Count: 64              Wall: 4                   Level: Intermediate Choreographer: Kate Sala...


22/11/2012 11:44

Dancers Choice Awards 2012 - The Results...

Congratulations to the winners and nominees of the Dancers Choice Awards 2012 which was just announced. The winners are (drum roll…) Horizon Award  - Darren...
01/07/2012 12:47

Charity Event: Jungle Jive Hoe Down 2012 by Karar Line Dancing for Habitat For Humanity

The Jungle Jive Hoe Down event is a good example of the compassionate and passion expressed by fellow linedancers around the world. Here goes: JUNGLE JIVE HOE DOWN REPORT - 23RD JUNE 2012   After half a year of planning and preparation, the Jungle Jive Hoe Down organized by Karar Line...
30/01/2012 07:56

Crystal Boot Awards 2012: Winners

Results of the Crystal Boot Awards Winners: Congratulations to all the winners of the recently concluded Crystal Boot Awards 2012! The list of winners are (drum roll...) Dance of the year: 1st Placing - Bittersweet Memory by Ria Vos; 2nd: The Flute by Maggie Gallagher & 3rd...
02/11/2011 12:02

Tribute to Mr. Sal Gonzalez - Goodbye, RIP

We are saddened to hear that Mr. Sal Gonzalez, renowned choreographer of Ooa Aah and many other line dances, has passed away in late Oct at a young age of 53 yrs old. It was reported that he had a heart attack while coaching football over that fateful last weekend of Oct...
17/10/2011 16:38

Windy City 2011 Line Dance Maniac - Winners

Windy City Line Dance Maniac is always one of the most exciting and popular event in the line dance world. This year, in Windy City 2011 - Line Dance Maniac - many new dances were introduced and featured in the 3-day event. In the Amateur Choreography competition, the...
04/09/2011 16:53

NC2 for Beginners, Anyone?

Most of the time, if not always, beginners generally struggle with slow NC2 line dances. It's either too many turns or the steps and timing are tough for newbies. Recently, we discovered a new NC2 specially choreographed for beginners and those moving up at 'Improver' or Easy Intermediate...
31/05/2011 18:50

Goodbye, A.T Kinson

Orbituary - A.T Kinson, renowned choreograpgher of Chilly Cha Cha passed away peacefully in May 2011... A loss to the Linedance World...RIP (Dance video available in Archives-Video section
24/05/2011 17:22

Line dance and ‘BAN BAN TAN’ or ‘1 MINUTE PLEASE’ - 慢慢等, anyone?

Line dance has evolved and grew exponentially and universally since the ‘cowboy’ or country & western days, and the same is happening in the Chinese community of line dancing around the world. Partly because of the growth, there are now instances of 2 or more dance choreographies based on the...
10/03/2011 11:07

Latest from Leong Mei Ling - Joget Hati Senang

Joget Hati Senang (literally meaning 'Happy Heart Dance' in Malay) - one of few if not the first 'joget' dance in the linedance world from a versatile lady, Leong Mei Ling, from Petaling Jaya, West Malaysia who admirably uses her talent and networking to introduce 'Joget' to the linedance...
14/02/2011 19:16

Crystal Boot Awards 2011 - The Results

Guess What? 'Playing with Fire' was the Dance of the Year in Crystal Boot Awards 2011. Rachael McEnaney swept away with multiple winners in the recently concluded CRYSTAL BOOT AWARDS in U.K. Craig Bennett also did well this year. Congratulations to all winners of Crystal Boot Awards 2011 and...

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Small Talk

27/04/2009 12:09

How To Line Dance? Read Step Sheets- Make Simple Part II

  Following our article on how to read step sheets, we decided to go one step further to share the basic line dance terminology here. As this will be lengthy, the article is broken into two parts with the first one here.  Basic Line Dance Terminology Most...
05/04/2009 23:28

Learn To Dance or Line Dance: Read Step Sheet - Make Simple

  The first step to learn how to read a step sheet: Learn the terminology and the step description! Terms A basic is one repetition of the main dance from the first count to the last not including any tags or bridges. In competition if this is danced "as written" with no variations, it is...