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Ready, 5-6-7-8...

13/01/2017 22:59

Dances to usher in 2017 Lunar New Year... from some of your leading Asian choreographers!

As usual, Asian choreographers always make efforts to pen line dances to usher...
03/12/2016 12:53

5-6-7-8: Some More Dances Before Xmas... Cheers!

Top 50 Line Dances in November 2016 It’s Hello Summer finally became the Top...
23/11/2016 10:07

5-6-7-8: More dances before winter falls... Dance!

Ready 5-6-7-8: Some More Dances before Winter Falls... Dance! (23/11) This...
21/10/2016 11:38

Ready 5-6-7-8: More Dances this Fall... Dance! (21/10)

More Dances under review, this Fall... Dance! Jeff Camps is on a roll...


30/01/2017 21:16

Results of the 21st Crystal Boot Awards - finally!

Results of the 21st Crystal Boot Awards - finally! With a short introduction of what Crystal...
10/12/2016 14:26

21st Crystal Ball Awards - About CBAs and some of the nominations for 2016...

Vote for your favourite line dance artistes, instructors, choreographers, and line dances of...
15/05/2016 10:57

Tamworth Dance Festival - The Australian Event of the Year, so they say... check it out!

31/01/2016 22:39

Crystal Boot Awards - The Results

Every year this time, we awaits the results of the Crystal Boot Awards beamed live across the...
05/01/2016 13:22

It's 2016 & Goodbye 2015...

How time flies, just a wink and 2016 is here. You & I have wonderful time celebrating the...
11/06/2015 13:41

Know More about AICP Line Dance Certification... (from the horses mouth)

Some Q&As provided by usldworkg@gmail.com - the people behind AICP Line Dance...

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Most Popular Dances

02/06/2016 17:33

Top 50 Line Dance in May 2016 - Which is The Most Popular?

Top 50 Line Dance in May 2016 It’s Como 
03/05/2016 23:09

Top 50 Line Dances in April 2016 - Who is leading the Chart This Month?

Top 50 Line Dance of th Month: April...
09/04/2016 15:45

Top 50 Line Dances in March 2016... Guess Which Dance is At the Top?

What's happening at the Top 50 in March? Read on... Are there any changed at...
08/03/2016 18:53

February 2016 - Top 50 Dance Chart... What To Expect?

Top 50 Line Dances in February 2016 A’in’t Mi
05/02/2016 21:30

Top 50 Line Dances in January 2016 - Who's at the Top?

In 2016, The most popular dance in January&nb

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Announcement: New article on square dancing for your...

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Small Talk

22/02/2017 21:42

Who Was Nominated for the Best International Dance teacher in Germany for 4 Consecutive Years & Won Thrice?

Do you know who was nominated for the Best International Dance Teacher in the...
14/11/2016 19:40

Probably, one of the best contemporary line dance choreographers...

Do you know who discovered line dancing some 20 years ago and is now one of the...
28/09/2016 11:04

Do You Know Who Choreographs One of the Greatest Line Dances of All Times Some 16 Years Ago? Check It Out!

Who choreographs one of the greatest dances o
19/07/2016 22:58

To Touch, To Move, To Inspire, That's Dance! Who Says It?

   A  World Champion dancer, choreographer, teacher and...
27/05/2016 20:07

Who is the Latin Man in Line Dancing World?

 Who is the Latin Man in the Line Dancing World...


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